SANTOS MODO GUERRERO – MONDO TERE (SANTOS LAGUNA) – Commercial – Dir. Alejandro Flores – Prod. MUT

¡ÁNIMO ZAPOPAN! – Commercial – Prod. Gobierno de Zapopan      

MIGRANA RELOAD – SIENTE – Music Video       

SMOKED – Short film – Dir. Cristo Fernández, Grace Wardlaw – Prod. Espectro Mx Films

XIA – DUELE – Music Video 

WHO SPEAKS LOVE – Feature film – Dir. Rafael Altamira – Prod. Espectro Mx Films

Screen Credits.

2023                     WHO SPEAKS LOVE, Chi Chi,  Espectro MX Films, Dir. Rafael Altamira                                                                        2022                   SANTOS LAGUNAS MODO GUERRERO, Mamá,  MUT Production, Dir. Alex Flores
2021                     AURA PHASE, Woman,  Prod. Celia Hernández Guzmán, Dir. Rebeca Leal Hernández
2021                      DEAD MAN’S PHONE, Lucrezia,  Electric Noir Studios, Dir. Anna Costello
2021                    UNRIPE, Mother,  Dir. Giulia Agazzi
2021                     DISTANCE, Monica,  Prod. Steven Calvert, Dir. Silvia Manazzone
2020                   DUELE Music Video for Xia, Lover, Leonor Quiroga
2020                   SIENTE, Music Video for Migrana, Dancer, Dir. Marciel Rivera
2020                   CREATURES, Lead Puppeteer/ Biker Girl, Jopia Productions, Dir. Tony Jopia
2020                   SMOKED, Lucrezia, Espectro MX Films, Dir. G. Wardlaw/Cristo Fernandez
2020                   MAERSK- Together all the way, Fashion Designer Copenhagen Film Company, Dir. Malcom Green
2019                    TRADUCLATION, Chichi, Espectro MX Films, Dir. Cristo Fernandez
2018                   2021 SCENARIOS, Maria, Blueprint TV Limited, Dir. Simon Ross


Shake It Up - The Improvised Shakespeare Show - The Minack Theatre, 2023

The Cannoneer - Helsinki, 2022

Twelfth Night - London, 2019

On Mother's Day - London, 2019

SHAKEITUP – The Improvised Shakespeare Show (Outdoor Trailer)

Stage Credits.

2018-2023         SHAKEITUP, Improviser, ShakeItUp Theatre, Dir. James Dart, London & UK
2022                     THE CANNONEER, Peppa, Ekata Theatre production, Dir. Silvia Manazzone, Helsinki
2022                     SHAKEITUP, Improviser, ShakeItUp Theatre, Dir. James Dart, Frankfurt Oder
2019                      TWELFHT NIGHT, Maria, Encompass Theatre Collective, Dir. Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen
2019                      LOVERS ANONYMOUS, Melissa/ Deviser, Encompass Theatre Collective, Dir. Joseph Prestwich, London
2018                      UNBELONGER, Physical performer & Puppeteer, Ekata Theatre, Dir. Erika Eva, London
2019                      SHAKEITUP TOUR, Improviser, ShakeItUp Theatre, Dir. James Dart, Rome and Warsaw
2018                      (DON’T) TOUCH ME, Physical performer, State of Flux, Dir. Laura Weston
2018                      ON MOTHER’S DAY, Physical performer, Ekata Theatre, Dir. Erika Eva, London
2018                      GOETHE+CHRISTIANE, Faustina, Encompass Theatre Collective, Dir. Joseph Prestwich
2017                      FESTE, Mette, Dir. Katarzyna Deszcz, Guildford School of Acting
2017                      THE CHERRY ORCHARD, Varya, Dir. Darrell Brockis, Guildford School of Acting
2016                     THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Kate, Dir. Jaq Bessell, Guildford School of Acting 


TED LASSO Season 3   Costume daily

Richard Fairlie THE REASON I’M BREATHING  Production Manager

PRAGMA   Art Department Assistant


2022                   TED LASSO SEASON 3, Apple  TV+ , Costume daily (TV Series)
2021                    DEAD MAN’S PHONE SEASON 2-3-4, Electric Noir Studios, Production Manager (Video Game)
2021                    RICHARD FAIRLIE –  THE REASON I’M BREATHING, Neon Picture House, Line Producer  (Music Video)
2021                    DISTANCE, Executive Producer and Director  (Short Film)
2020                   PRAGMA, Dir. Ellie Heydon, Art Department Assistant  (Short Film)
2020                   JANET’S WORLD, Dir. Kelsie McDonald, Writer  (Short Film)
2020                   CREATURES, Jopia Productions, Art Department Assistant (Feature Film)
2019                    STELLA, Dir. Oliver Roy, Assistant Director (Short Film)



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