I’m a native Italian actress, film and theatre maker, operating in Europe, the UK and Mexico.

I was born in a tiny village in the North of Italy, with a passion for theatre since a very young age (I wrote my first play, at the age of 8, which was performed by my classroom in front of the all school!). 

Since I was 15 I was a member of Retroscena, a young theatre company dedicated to devising new theatre shows every summer in various festivals in Friuli, the region where I was born.

After high school, I tried to pursue a more “sensible” career choice: I started studying Architecture at University of Udine, and then changed for a BA in Japanese language and culture at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Nevertheless, already during my second year there I had to accept that I could not steer away from acting. I finished After a 5 months student exchange with Tokai Daigaku University (Japan), where incidentally I joined the theatre club of the university, performing in Japanese, I graduated and set in action my plan to become a full time actor.

I moved to London in 2014 and one year later I got accepted to the MA Acting course at Guildford School of Acting. 

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Straight after drama school with a few alumni we funded the theatre company Encompass Theatre Collective, with whom we produce several theatre shows the we performed in UK and Italy, collaborating with external directors (‘Twelfth Night’ by Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen) or devised in house (‘Lovers Anonymous’ ‘Call It Barriers’) as well as new writing (‘Goethe + Christiane’ by Joseph Prestwich). I was so introduced to the world of producing.

Alongside Encompass (which finished to operate after 2020), I was and still am part of ShakeItUp, a theatre company improvising long form shows based on the work of Shakespeare. We have performed all over the UK and Europe and we will be at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023. For the company I have also designed the posters and our costumes.

I have also performed as a physical theatre performer and deviser in the shows ‘(don’t) touch me’ and ‘Untravelled’ with State Of Flux, and ‘On Mother’s Day’ and ‘Unbelonger’ with Ekata Theatre.

Most recently I wrote and performed my first one woman show ‘The Cannoneer’, produced by Ekata Theatre, which had its preview in Helsinki in November 2022.


My introduction to screen happened in 2011, when I played the role of Emma in the film ‘Il Piú Bel Giorno Della Mia Vita’, by Luca Tarondi and Simon Franklin.

But it was during my time in drama school that my love for filmmaking bloomed. Thanks to the possibility of using the camera equipment of the school, with a few of my classmates we started to write and shoot zero budget short films. I worked as assistant director and producer for the short film ‘Stella’, and as writer and actress in ‘Smoked’.

 Among other projects, in 2020 I worked as puppeteer and actress in the comedy horror feature film ‘Creatures’, directed by Tony Jopia, and in 2021 I played the role of Chi Chi in the rom-com ‘No Translation Required’, starring Cristo Fernández (Ted Lasso, Spiderman, Transformers). After the shoot, which took place in Mexico, I decided to prolongate my stay. I took this opportunity to learn Spanish and I worked in a few productions as actress and model.

Back to London, in 2021, I had my first role as production manager for Neon Picturehouse, first in Richard Fairlie’s music video ‘The Reason I’m Breathing’, and then in the Bafta Nominee Video Game Drama ‘Dead Man’s Phone’ – Season 2, 3 and 4.

Most recently, I worked in the costume department for the TV series ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3.


As an artist, I like to collaborate with creatives from different cultures and backgrounds. I love learning about different approaches to art and to life and I get inspired by our differences and by cross contamination.

I’m also interested in working with different time periods, faithfully recreating traditions and past events in order to better understand our present and future.

I want to create art that makes us better as a society, that raises questions and strives for answers, but also always, because it is after all an entertaining “industry”, entertains, is fun and enjoyable.

A more specific cause that I am interested in, is to break the stereotypical image that people have of Italy and Italians, which Italians themselves are guilty to have contributed to build, but that it prevents people from connecting with so many other aspects of our culture and history.

From this need are born my most recent projects, ‘Annabella’, a short film about an Italian woman dating in London, and ‘The Cannoneer’, a one woman show about the historical character of Peppa The Cannoneer, the Sicilian orphan who fought during the unification of Italy in 1860.  

Personal projects.

The Cannoneer

One woman show about the true story of Peppa The Cannoneer, the orphan who became a hero fighting for the Unification of Italy in 1860…


A short film at times grotesque and at time funny, about this new era of dating… (finalized script)


A short film about a single mum and her dream of stardom… (post-production)

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